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Are Millipedes Poisonous and Dangerous to Humans and Animals?


Are millipedes poisonous? Find out below

It is relatively common knowledge that millipedes are beneficial creatures for the simple reason that they help keep the insect population of the different ecosystems known to man under control. Have you ever wondered how they do that? Quite simply, they are creatures capable of emitting poisonous liquid secretions as well as hydrogen cyanide gas through the microscopic pores all over their bodies. This makes them poison0us organisms. As a matter of fact, the substances secreted by the animals are caustic and they can burn through the exoskeletons of many insects including ants as well as the skin of larger predators.

Are millipedes poisonous to humans?

As you most probably already know, they are common household pests. While the crawlies might be particularly unsettling, fact remains, they are not offensive creatures. Recently, several evidences came to light, which made millipedes poisonous creatures in the eyes of many, but if truth be told, they are not lethal organisms. Many species might show poisonous traits but the poison of the creatures merely causes allergies in highly sensitive individuals. Nothing more. As we established above, they can be of several species. In the United States, it is generally believed that millipedes show no less than 1000 varied species and of all the species, at most, a few dozens might show millipedes poisonous body fluids. However, if you are seeing one too many in your home, before you attempt to deal with them, you might wish to protect yourself. Millipedes poisonous body fluids can be unpleasant and harmful when squirted into the eyes.

Are millipedes poisonous to pets?

As we saw above, they show various species and of all the species, only a few are known to be capable of squirting harmful substances in their surroundings. If you happen to own a pet and you are worried about the increasing number of millipedes you see out and about your home, to be on the safe side, you might wish to control the pest population. Because it can be really hard for you as a person with no background whatsoever in entomology to distinguish between the poisonous millipedes and the harmless ones, better control all of them. To control them in your home, you will need to caulk the entrances around your home such as any crack or crevice on the side walls of your place. Because the millipedes poisonous body fluids are known to be quite dangerous even though not technically lethal, the organisms are better monitored for your own peace of mind.